INFORMATION - L39 and Extra 330 Aerobatics

Angle of Attack Locations

We are based in Florida out of KTPF (Tampa) and KLAL (Lakeland).

Instructor Bio

Chief Pilot Dan Greenwald started flying in 1975 and has been instructing continuously since 1979.  He has logged over 10,000 hours in airplanes, including more than 1000 aerobatic hours and more than 400 hours as an FAA Designated Examiner. Dr. Dan has been living and flying in Florida since 1993.


Participants must have at minimum a Private Pilot certificate.


Send us an e-mail at to request training schedules, or call Dr. Dan @ 813-334-7974 to set up your AoA Experience.


Basic cost for the L39 is $2450/flight hour*

Basic cost for the Extra 330 LX is $400/flight hour*

Reduced pricing is available for aerobatics packages

*Includes instruction and ground training