Angle of Attack: Aviation for Jet Warbird and Aerobatic TraINING

Experience the edge of the envelope


Lycoming Thunderbolt AEIO-580 Engine

MT B 9 V Propeller

Glass Cockpit Featuring Garmin 750 and Twin Avidyne MFD/PFD

Titanium Wheels/Brakes


Ivchenko  AI-25TL Engine - Rebuilt in 2018 to US Specifications

Glass Cockpit Featuring Garmin 750 and G3x

Hot Ejection Seats

Air Conditioned


0.8 Mmo

The Angle of Attack Experience

Aviation Specialists for Jet Warbird and Unlimited Aerobatic Training 

Our Mission

We provide pilots the opportunity to explore the edges of the flight envelope to the limits of their curiosity.   

Our FAA-approved flight training syllabus offers a unique chance to safely fly two of the most responsive and exhilarating  aircraft in the civilian fleet: the Extra 330 LX and the AV L39. Both are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and avionics and are maintained squawk-free to the highest standards. These purpose-built machines are ready and waiting. 

Your Choice

  • Aerobatics - Beginner to Unlimited
  • Transition Training
  • Upset Training
  • Ejection Seat Training 
  • AV-L39 Type Rating
  • Instruction in your airplane or ours

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The Exhilarating Edge of the Envelope